Alexandr Dotsenko

Alexander Dotsenko, owner of the music studio Dotsenko and Co";
Alexander Dotsenko is a clarinetist, owner of the well-known Russian music
studio "Dotsenko and Co."
In 2013, he graduated from the Conservatory with a degree in instrumental
performance, in the class of soloist of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic of
Shostakovich of Andrey Mikhailovich Laukhin, with the award of the qualification
of concert performer, orchestra artist, ensemble and teacher. He received a diploma
with honors.
In 2014 , he received a special education as a master of wooden wind
instruments and opened a workshop of wind instruments in St. Petersburg. Trained
and certified in various workshops and factories for the production of wind
instruments, including "Henri SELMER, Paris», «Buffet-Crampon»,
«YAMAHA», «Rene HAGMANN - Servette Music» (Geneva, Switzerland),
«Rainer EGGER – DIE INSTRUMENTENMACHER» (Basel, Switzerland)
He is the founder and leading specialist of the music studio "Dotsenko and
Co." (St. Petersburg).
From 2015 to 2021 he taught clarinet class in St. Petersburg GBPOU "St.
Petersburg Music College named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov".
In 2017, he graduated from the postgraduate course of the Russian Institute
of Art History as a candidate for the degree of Candidate of Art History.
(Supervisor: PhD in Art History, Senior Researcher at the Music Sector of the
Russian Institute of Art History Petrova Galina Vladimirovna)
As part of the "Flute-Piccolo" festival, Alexander Dotsenko will give a
lecture on how to properly care for piccolo, about the inner world of the instrument
and what are the features when repairing the instrument.