Dmitry Yavtukhovich

Dmitry Andreevich Yavtukhovich (born 1962) is a Soviet, Belarusian and American composer, a member of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Belarus since 1990, a member of the Union of Authors, publishers and composers "ASCAP" (USA). Member (pianist, keyboardist) of the legendary ensemble "Pesnyary (in 1986-1989)

Living since 1993 in New Jersey, USA, Dmitry Yavtukhovich mainly writes music for symphony orchestra and string instruments, he is the author of 3 violin concertos (1987,2012,2016), Concertino (2011), "Slavic Fantasy" (2013) and "Romantic Capriccio" (2015) for violin and orchestra, String Quartet, Piano trio, works for violin (more than 150: solo and with piano, for example, the cycle "12 Caprices for Solo Violin" (2012-2015), pieces and suites (more than 75) for an ensemble of violinists, for jazz compositions and other chamber ensembles, oratorios, cantatas,10 nocturnes for solo flute, pieces for clarinet, flute and violin.

In 2022, he created a concert for flute and orchestra.