Herman Beeftink

Herman Beeftink is a Dutch/American composer whose music is featured in over 100 films and TV series. Born in the Netherlands in 1953, Herman graduated from the Utrecht Conservatory where he studied piano and composition, later becoming a teacher at the Conservatory’s Jazz Department. After moving to California in 1982, Herman began his career as a studio musician in Los Angeles on many popular TV shows, including Cheers, Roseanne, and Home Improvement.

After writing music for several History Channel documentaries, Herman gradually began to establish himself as a diverse composer. He wrote classical piano and string pieces for over 50 episodes of the hit WB series Gilmore Girls. His original compositions were soon licensed for box office hits, including Lions for Lambs, Hangover III, The Simpsons Movie, X Men Origins and Freaky Friday.

Besides composing for film and television, and winning several awards for film scoring, Herman is pursuing his passion for writing live performance pieces. Compositions such as Birds and Spring are among his most popular pieces.

"Thank you to everyone who listens to, plays, and performs my music: from home videos on YouTube to stage performances around the world, I am grateful to all of you!" - Herman Beeftink
Herman wrote many classical works for piano, strings and woodwind instruments, many beautiful pieces for flute and piccolo, as well as flute ensembles with piano.